Bending machines

Today, bending equipment combines a large stratum of a variety of special machines designed for bending various metal products. Bending is an operation that involves changing the shape and size of metal products (sheets, pipes, steel bars, rods, etc.) by compressing and stretching its outer and inner layers. Based on the nature of the processed products, bending equipment can be divided into the following main groups:

  1. Dorn benders (electromechanical benders, hydraulic benders) are designed for bending metal pipes. You can find the simplest bending machines for bending pipes of various diameters, as well as the most advanced three-axis fully automatic bending machines on the website of Stangroup company.
  2. Rolling machines are designed for bending sheet metal. This group of metalworking equipment includes 4-, 3- and 2-roll hydraulic bending machines.
  3. Profile bending machines are designed for bending profiles, pipes, strips, channels, angles, T- and I-beams and other sections.

Bending equipment is one of the priorities of specialized companies. You can find favorable terms of purchase, as well as a high level of service and technical support. Many models of rolling, profile-bending pipe bending equipment are in stock, and you can buy a bending machine as soon as possible.

Profile bending machines

You can find a wide range of profile bending machines from leading manufacturers of bending equipment. All machines at the website are developed with the use of innovative technologies that can change your idea of cold metal bending.

You can expect on:

  • Low prices for bending machines;
  • Minimal terms of equipment delivery;
  • Demonstration room, where you can see machines for profile bending in action;
  • Warehouse of spare parts and components.

Bending equipment is one of the priorities of many companies. If you want to buy a profile bending machine – our specialists will help you choose the right equipment, conduct training courses on programming and provide many other design and engineering services. You can not only choose the necessary technology requirements, but also provide the opportunity to buy the profile bending machines at a bargain price.

For more information about bending machines and prices, please contact the managers of specialized companies. To date, bending equipment combines a large layer of a variety of special machines designed for bending various metal products. If you want to buy a quality reliable machine, then you first need to find the best option store. This will help you focus on choosing the best machines that are perfect for your tasks. Plus, you can easily find a specialty store online now. There are many attractive options here, you just need to choose some specific option and use its services.

Among the advantages of specialized equipment can be noted simple operation, versatility, a special frame design, dampening vibration, a high level of energy conservation and labor safety, increased structural rigidity, as during the work there is a low noise level. Hydraulic machines are widely used in the production of metal profiles of various shapes and configurations. They also produce finishing materials of various designs and types, as well as ducts of rectangular cross section. Due to the presence of a hydraulic drive, they have a higher capacity than manual presses. Hydraulic presses are ideal for the production of high quality sheet metal parts in large and medium batches.