Handyman – home plumbing and electrical repairs

Urgently needed to repair the socket or faucet in the kitchen, install a newly purchased washing machine or hang on the wall a plasma TV? Services of the housemasters will help you to do all this in the shortest terms and with the minimum monetary expenses. 

Comprehensive Handyman Services

Handyman leaves on the day of the call. If you order urgent services, a handyman will be at your home as soon as an hour after you place an order and get right down to business. What kind of work he can do with the service? Almost any kind! You can count on the quality of the following work:

  1. any repairs – from minor cosmetic to time-consuming major;
  2. installation of household appliances. Bought a new refrigerator or water heater, washing machine or dishwasher, electric stove or oven? Installation of these devices, made by a specialist, will ensure flawless operation and long-term operation without any problems;
  3. assembly of any cabinet and upholstered furniture. The manufacturer’s instructions do not allow you to cope with the installation yourself? Then just call a master to solve the problem;
  4. repair of household appliances. Masters know all the features of any electrical appliances, so easily cope with the removal of any faults;
  5. repair or installation of sockets and switches, restoration of the functionality of electricity, full wiring replacement;
  6. removal of leaks in water supply, sewerage and heating systems;
  7. installation of plumbing equipment – faucets and sinks, bathtubs and showers;
  8. installation of lighting equipment;
  9. finishing walls and ceilings, replacement of flooring, including tiles, in any room of the house;
  10. adjustment and repair of plastic windows and balcony units.

In the process of ordering, just let the handyman know what exactly is required from the master, so he can take the necessary tools and without delay to begin the work.

Advantages of ordering handyman services 

If you never get around to doing minor home repairs, calling a handyman is the most appropriate solution. In favor of ordering the services of www.mrdoesall.com there are several arguments:

  • versatility. You will not have to apply to several companies to do all the necessary operations, as specialists can do everything;
  • guaranteed quality of services. They provide a guarantee for the work performed, and for the materials used in the course of their work;
  • efficiency. They can start solving your problem as early as the day you contact them.