The most popular online casino streaming platforms

New streaming platforms regularly appear on the market, and existing ones evolve to keep up with ambitious newcomers. Live game streaming attracts a huge number of viewers. You can choose a casino to play or to stream thanks to, which has leovegas canada reviews. Some of the most famous internet platforms for streaming include the following.

  • Twitch. This platform has been around since 2014 and is the most popular among the gaming community, as well as convenient and efficient.
  • YouTube is among the dominant streaming platforms and allows for good profits from cooperation with the contextual advertising service Google AdSense.
  • InstaGib. It is an independent platform that does not need to install special streaming software. It allows users to consume content in a certain amount, after reaching the limit of which the bandwidth is cut. By purchasing a VIP account, these limits are removed.
  • The Facebook Live platform was launched five years ago. With its help, it is possible to communicate directly with subscribers. It is possible to watch the streams on the service in real time or in the record after their completion.
  • Mixer. The platform is owned by Microsoft and provides collaborative streaming, where multiple users have the ability to broadcast simultaneously. The presence of functions of co-broadcasting, voting for streamers, real-time analytics, statistics and live chats make the service convenient and quite popular.
  • Smashcast. The platform was formed by the merger of Hitbox and Azubu. The service is notable for its organized, high-quality content, is gaining popularity in the eSports category and has over 10 million users.
  • Bigo Live. This tool is available on all modern operating systems and helps streamers broadcast in high quality.
  • GosuGamers. The platform is an ideal place for inexperienced streamers and supports all known file formats that are used to work with high-quality video content.

How actively operators are using streaming 

Recently, many cutting-edge online casinos have begun to focus on developing affiliate programs with YouTube and Twitch streamers. It is profitable for casinos to work with the owners of popular channels, since they have a large number of subscribers and, accordingly, provide gambling establishments with good advertising and traffic. Unlike teasers, trailers or reviews, streaming allows viewers to get a complete picture of a particular game, which attracts users.

What video slots prefer to choose streamers to play

Streamers carefully consider which of the slot machines to choose. It is important to them that the broadcast was spectacular, so the slot should be generous bonuses and payouts. When choosing a game they are guided by the following considerations. The slot should have large multipliers or large payout sizes overall. Playing on medium bets in the first case and on the maximum in the second, the streamer will get a solid winnings, which will surely be appreciated by the viewers. This will encourage them to refill their casino account and play in the hope of getting the same reward. The volatility of the slot machine should also be high, for example, as in the slot machines Book of Dead or Reactoonz. If you are looking for an online casino with the most profitable features, you should pay attention to special resources. For example, you can find reviews of 888 casino canada and other popular casinos here