Vertigo CS:GO map overview

The last map added to the official map pool Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Vertigo. It is this map that we will talk to you about today. If you want to make the game more interesting, visit

History of Vertigo map appearance

For the first time the Vertigo map, which few people knew, appeared back in 2001. It was added to Counter-Strike version 1.1. One of the developers of such cult maps as Inferno and Aztec had his hands in its creation. His name is Christopher Oti. Map actions are unfolding on the Rizzleton skyscraper under construction. Terrorists, led by the faction of Professionals, try to undermine the high-rise building, which is located in the very center of New York City. The detachment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to prevent them.

In 2001, the map did not manage to settle firmly in the hearts of the players, so it was soon removed from the list. With the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Vertigo decided to return to the map pool, but again, for a short time. Already in 2017, as at times because of small demand, Vertigo has been removed from the list of playing maps. Few players in general noticed the loss of such an unpopular map.

But in the very beginning of 2019 the map was unexpectedly returned to the map pool, allowing professional teams to play it at official tournaments. Such a development was caused by the processing of Cache and prolonged loss of Cobblestone map. Nevertheless, today the map is supported by the developers in every possible way. In particular, Vertigo pays special attention in almost every update. So let’s analyze all the latest changes on the map Vertigo.

Map Update

  • Scaffolds appeared in Astana. Now both sides can come out not only from the rise, but also through the annex.
  • Instead of a loader under A plant now there is a wooden box.
  • Removed imbecile shot from under the cement, making a huge imbalance in the direction of protection.
  • The door in the center of the map is missing. From now on, players can’t make a quick drag from the middle to the bottom. In fact, the center of the map became the most disadvantageous.
  • In some places, fences were added so that players would not fall behind the map.

The main tactics of the game

As you can see from the official matches played at major tournaments in recent months, the map prevails towards defense. Indeed, it is much easier to defend at Vertigo than to attack. In this respect, the map is very similar to Nuke. These maps have one specification – two levels. If the special forces players are on the top floor of the building, the terrorists are on the ground floor. This fact provides great opportunities for the players of the defense to accept terrorists. For, given the geometry of the game, it is much easier to shoot from top to bottom than the opposite.

The tactics of the defending side

The last map update was designed to balance the teams. Now it became a little bit more difficult for players of protection to control the game, and the game in the middle became practically useless. It is worth considering the scheme of building 2+1+2, regardless of the last update. In any case, to control the center of the map is very important on any map. Especially in the middle has a window through which it is easy to get to point B.

The tactics of the attacking side

With terrorists, everything is much more complicated. On the map of Vertigo there is not much to walk around. For this reason, the entire attack is based on accurate firing and qualitative spread. We will not dodge and invent tricky tactics with multiple banners and fakes. All this business is purely individual. In this case, it makes sense to consider team attacks on the bombing points. You can also find many interesting things on