Advice on renting property abroad

The closer the summer comes, the more often the issue of renting accommodation abroad comes up – almost everyone has faced this topical topic and not always this experience has been positive, so it is so important to know the main aspects related to renting. An undoubted advantage for the tenant is the delegation of the selection of housing to a professional realtor. With this approach, all difficulties will be solved and eliminated by the specialist, as it is his or her responsibility as outlined in the contract. He can always ask for advice if something happens in the rental process, the non-refundable part of the mortgage and all other issues that may arise in the process of rest. To assess the level of the company will help the range of services provided: transfer, babysitting, cleaning services, rental of prams, cribs, etc.

Cooperation with a realtor

The realtor chooses the most suitable option, noting in advance the inadequate owners, who, unfortunately, there are many on the rental market today. However, it should be understood that the realtor’s commission will also have to be paid, and it is likely that the tenant will be offered not the most budget option, but, thus, the opportunity to get to those unfavorable owners, which can be difficult.

It is safe for the tenant to deal with companies that lease professionally and value their reputation. Such agencies try to take control of the property from the owner, exhibiting certain conditions for the occupancy of the object (complete kitchen utensils, appliances, the availability of Internet, satellite TV, etc.), which, in turn, will ensure a comfortable stay of guests in the villa or apartment. Also specialists are always in contact with the service services, which help in the shortest possible time to repair the equipment or plumbing, if necessary. If you are looking for a reliable company, then use the property finder mallorca.

Criteria for the selection of housing

If we talk about some advice when choosing an apartment for rent, you should know what questions to ask a real estate agent, so that the tenant picked the right one. Usually the distance to the sea is the first criterion voiced by a potential tenant. Here it is important to determine whether the first line is crucial or whether it is better to walk to the sea in just 5-7 minutes? Both in terms of sales and renting an apartment directly by the sea – such property will cost 20-30% more.

It is important not to forget to specify the type of beach, pebbles or sand on it, whether there is a convenient entrance to the sea. Rental price also depends on the infrastructure of the complex: whether you need a hammam, sauna, Turkish bath, tennis court, gym or something else.  All these options also affect the price, as the owners of such apartments pay more utility bills than owners of houses without infrastructure. When renting in the private sector, the question of food is all the more acute: is there a café, market or supermarket in walking distance?

It is good to know how many beds are available in the apartment or villa, if the tenant will rest with family. Sometimes take an apartment with one bedroom in the expectation that the children can be accommodated in the living room, and in fact it turns out that the sofa is not unfolding. Therefore, it is very important to clearly articulate your wishes, focusing on the most important and fundamental points of the landlord or agent. The most unpleasant thing that can happen in a rental matter is the last-minute refusal of accommodation. In the high season by the sea, as a rule, it is almost impossible to find anything free even for 2-3 days, but if a longer vacation is planned, then the refusal of accommodation may lead to cancellation of the trip due to lack of a place to stay.