Features of outdoor advertising signs manufacturing

You can order the creation and production of advertising signs from intermediary companies (advertising and marketing agencies) or directly from the manufacturer. The terms of manufacture fluctuate depending on the type and complexity of advertising, but, in general, much less in the second case – due to rapid agreement. You can even order awnings in brooklyn, but it is important to know the companies which are engaged in their manufacturing.

Flat signage

This type is the easiest and fastest to make: conventional flat unlight signs are a banner or a box with an image on the surface. In the first case, the print is printed directly on the fabric with subsequent installation on the frame, box or, occasionally, directly on the facade of the building. Boxes are made of metal, plastic and almost any other materials, hollow or solid. The inscription is applied to a stretch banner or vinyl film, which is then glued to the front of the structure.


This type of signage is a structure with a rigid, strong frame, usually made of aluminum or steel. Sources of light – fluorescent lamps or LEDs, mounted inside, on the back wall of the box. The outer part is made of light transmission coating: vinyl film, acrylic glass, cellular polycarbonate or composite material. Making a signboard in the form of a light box is a rather complicated process, consisting of many stages. Their number and types depend on the materials used, but in general the sequence is as follows:

  • design and engineering;
  • welding of the frame;
  • installation of light sources on the back panel of the box;
  • cutting or milling of the material for the front panel;
  • application of the image to film or fabric;
  • installation of faceplates and side panels;
  • installation of painted aluminium strip on the ribs of the box.

Volume letters

Non-light letters, depending on the place of application, are made of different materials: most often they are metal, plastic, organic glass, but indoors you can also find structures made of wood or foam. At their manufacturing it is applied mainly cutting and milling of a material with the subsequent painting in the necessary colour. As we have already told, for outdoor advertising usually apply light inscriptions. Manufacture of light volumetric letters is more difficult, than manufacturing of lightboxes, as in the latter case it is necessary to create not one, and immediately a set of designs that make up a single composition. In essence volume letters with internal illumination are structurally very similar to lightboxes and are similar at manufacturing stages.

In the letters there is the same strong frame, inside which there are lamps or LEDs, and the front of the product in this case lets the light. For the side walls of the letters use metal, acrylic or plastic, for the outside – vinyl fabric, acrylic glass, composite material or cellular polycarbonate. Letters with a counterlight are similar in design to letters with no light: their outer side is made of opaque material, often aluminum or steel. Illumination is achieved by means of lamps or LEDs on the substrate along the letter contour. Interestingly, the three-dimensional letters have recently become a fashion accessory to the interior of apartments – luminous and non-luminous inscriptions now decorate the walls in conceptual lofts and conventional apartments.

Neon signs

Making a neon sign is like a real art – master glass blowers turn coloured glass tubes into an inscription or give them the shape of an object. Then the resulting designs are filled with inert gas and “run” with high voltage on special equipment.